new label!

Robalo is an independent record label specialised in creative jazz and improvised music headed by two well-established musicianson the portuguese new creative jazz scene.
The intention of Robalo is to support mystery and discovery in music while not afraid of being rooted in tradition.
These are difficult times for creative music, Robalo tries to help but as Robalo itself is runned by musicians, ultimately a lot will be the responsibility of those who want their music out.
Robalo doesn't sell records, the musicians sell their own records, Robalo is only an entrance door for a certain type of creative music that we feel has a certain type of quality
Robalo doesn't want to impose, those who like this kind of music are welcome to join in , those who don't like it are also well-loved.
Robalo doesn't try to be hip, Robalo's honesty in art is unquestionable.
Art and life are connected, Robalo is well aware of this.
Robalo is in awe of nature.

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